Andalusian blue male or female????


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Hi all, this is Chickydee my first ever chicken!

its a blue andalusian and is 10 weeks old (is that called a grower/pullet?)

im getting mixed information on whether its a male or female, any ideas anyone????

im very new to all this but im sure you lot will help me out along the way.

i do have other pictures if you cant tell by these ones.

thanks everyone

ps, my daughter is going to go mad for posting a picture with her on it so dont tell her! lol
roo he looks just like mine he's around 10 weeks old too I was really hoping I was wrong too I so wanted Ices to be a girl but now I have Iceman
thanks for the replys,

are they loud crowers as i live very close to my neighbours and i dont want to fall out with them. i was told at first that it was a hen, do any of you have problems from other people for keeping a roo????
sorry, I live on a 40 acre cattle ranch, I had 9 roos last complaints...except myself at 4am...all 9 going off! Ask around, see what they say, some may think it's ok, quaint country thing and all...good luck!
mine hasn't crowed yet but my banty's do they usually start around 5 or 6am and crow all day but this is just a typical banty trait they love to sing
on the one side of me the neighbours were critical of someone else further down the street for having chickens till i pointed out that i had a baby and was just waiting to find out what sex it was. they responded well i hope its not a bloody rooster! oh dear.

as you can see chickydee has a floppy crown is this usual for roosters as i was told this is a hen trait or is it i was miss informed by the shop i got it from????

also are the hens bigger or smaller than the roo's?

ps my daughters seen her picture on here and isnt impressed! lol
At 10 weeks, if it is a male, the comb would be bright red and standing upright, the females do have the floppy beret look. I couldn't tell if it has saddle feathers or not, nor could I see the tail. My BA roo had lots of lovely long tail feathers, quite different than the girls. I have 4 BA hens, one looks like Ices, a pretty splash. Mr Bill crowed about this age, he wasn't terrible loud, not like Thighs and Drumsticks which are walking the earth only because I can't find all my butchering equipement. I'm in the country so the only one to complain is DH when they wake him up. If you need to rehome Iceman, I found folks were interested in the Blue Andalusian, and had no problem selling Mr Bill. Anyway, give it time, you will either get a crow or an egg in a few more weeks.

If you are not prohibited from having roosters, often a dozen eggs on occasion can soothe the grumpy neighbors. Or if you are like I am, my response is "deal with it". Can't do squat about all their barking dogs that run loose, I adjust, so can they.

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