Another sick chicken! HELP!

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    I have a chicken that's had sour crop problems for the past week. That seems to be cleared up at this point with withdrawing food, then giving soft food & giving monistat for the yeast infection. I initially noticed a problem, because she had a turned neck & was shaking her head which made me inspect the crop. She is cleaning herself, has good color in her face, is chatty, & otherwise acting normal. She still has a turned neck though. She can eat & drink. Sometimes she holds it straight, other times it's turned so bad she gets disoriented. I've been giving rice mixed with yogurt & her food mashed up into a gruel with water. I've been giving nutridrench vitamins also, but am at a loss for what else to do for her. I know if it's a vitamin deficiency from the sour crop issues, it could take time for her head to straighten. It's killing me to see her this way though. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!
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