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Apr 19, 2012
NW Vermont
Can anyone tell me what 7/8 cups of water is into litres please? I have a measuring jug. ;)
Put "7/8 cups to liters" in Google and it will tell you what Bob did.
Your measuring cup MAY have both ml and oz markings.

Thank you. So so just under quarter, would you know what it us in ML?
Multiply by 1000

I could do with a digital scales I only have the old sort I messed up there.
I have a digital that measures in Kilograms, grams (only even numbers), Pounds and ounces and in ounces. Very handy.

I put my ear close to the valve and squeezed it. I heard a little hiss!
And got an ear full of sourdough starter? ;)


A chicken will always remember the egg
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Mar 31, 2011
Woodland, CA
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Excellent! I have some on the way, can’t wait to try them.
What’s special about your Oregon starter?
History Of The Starter?
In the mid 1800's the Oregon Trail was the main route west for settlers, farmers, lumbermen and prospectors. The Trail started in the state of Missouri in about the center of the continental US and meandered NW for about 2000 miles to the Oregon Territory. Other trails branched off of the main trail, SW to Santa Fe and west to California and elsewhere.

The Starter came West in 1847 with one of Carl's ancestors who traveled the Oregon Trail to Oregon by wagon train. There is a paragraph about the history of the starter in the historical brochure by Carl that is on our Web site.

The Oregon Trail Interpretive Center has a lot of information on the Oregon Trail. It is east of Baker City, OR fairly near where Carl’s ancestors settled near Burns, OR, south and west of it. They likely passed the site before turning south towards Burns.

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