Any Home Bakers Here?


Apr 19, 2012
NW Vermont
sour salt is citric acid. It is often found with the pickling spices
Also good for descaling things like a hot water pot or a humidifier.

@Sequel I really like mine a lot. Not the cheapest but certainly not the most expensive. Mine is electric and the element is on the top so I tend to bake sweets and bread in the lower half so they aren’t overly browned on top.
My Bosch is the same only after @Sequel posted about the hidden bottom element in the Fridigaire I Googled and found this for my series stove:
"Broiler in Oven, Hidden Bake Element, Temperature Control"

It has a number of "presets" so I guess it uses top, both or bottom as needed?
It also has a quick preheat button. Maybe that turns on the bottom element as well as the top?

Two more loaves we will actually get to use vs eat.
Isn't "use" and "eat" the same with bread?

I hope I can get some good pie apples
DW uses only Cortlands for pie.

and my grandma said burnt toast makes you beautiful---she got rid of a lot of burnt toast on that one!
Did it work or did she just get rid of the burnt toast?


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Jun 15, 2020
Elkton, OR
Isn't "use" and "eat" the same with bread?
The term use was meant to reference things like sandwiches and toast. Typically it’s eaten before it cools the first time.

My whole family would take a slice of hot bread with butter (real stuff, not that almost plastic fake crap) over a slice of pie or piece of cake.


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Feb 24, 2013
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My oven is a Kenmore and has convection, recipe memory, timed bake, and a whole lot of other stuff that I never learned to use. It is a gas oven with an electric element for keeping the temperature more even. It bakes wonderfully.
Mine is a Frigidaire with normal bake, convection and vari-broil. It has the ability to set a timer or for a timed bake.
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Mar 31, 2011
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I have not seen courtland apples in the store here. We do have honeycrisp.

When we lived in Corning, California we had a Jonathan apple tree and it was a very good general use apple.

I have always liked pippin apples for pies but Martinelli takes 90% of the crop each year for making Apple Cider so we rarely find it. I hope that there will be some at Apple Hill though!

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