Any idea what breed/gender?


Feb 16, 2020
I got a young chicken just after Christmas. I had been looking after many chickens and when the others left, their owner very kindly said I could keep her. She had been injured so I had spent a lot of extra time hand feeding her. She's a very good chicken and she's all better now.

However I don't actually know if she is a girl or which breed she is. I thought maybe Wyandotte as I know there were other Wyandottes in the flock. I thought maybe someone here would be able to tell.

The chicken on the left is the one I'm trying to identify. Sorry the individual photo is not very clear.

I also have a video of her that I took a couple of weeks ago. She never stops chirping. She even does it in her sleep.


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Jun 28, 2017
A better picture of her standing in good light would help. She looks black in the video, but brownish in the picture, but it's so dim, it's hard to tell. It looks like a pullet either way, but age would help.
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