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    We might get more chickens in the spring and I was wondering want breeds would be the best. We already have 2 Barred Rocks and 2 Rhode Island Reds. So I would like a different breed. I was thinking ameraucanas , but I don't know. Also our chickens are 1 year old in about 1 month so when should we introduce the younger chickens to the older ones. So yeah. Thank you [​IMG][​IMG]
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    If you get chicks you will need to keep them separate until they are close to your current birds in size, or they may be injured by the adult birds. Their food and housing requirements are quite different anyway.

    check out chick raising here -

    Most Ameraucanas sold in farm stores are actually what is more commonly called Easter Eggers, which are usually quite good layers of eggs ranging from blue to green, olive, or pinkish. They make good additions to mixed flocks. Purebred Ams may be available from a private breeder, but if you are looking for a few egg layers and are not particular about breed EE's would probably work nicely.
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    I agree - Easter eggers would be a nice addition to the flock. They tend to be smaller than RIR and BR, about 4-5 pounds rather than 6-7. Other breeds you might consider include Dominique and black australorp. They would do well in a mixed flock also.

    I usually introduce pullets to my older hens when the pullets are 13 to 16 weeks old. By that time they're old enough, large enough and usually smart enough to evade the pecks of the older hens. Check out the articles on flock integration in the Learning Center.
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    I have a roo problem...overnight my Brahma at 9 mo has started attacking me when I enter the coop...normal hormones or? I did remove a hen from him left one with him.

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