Any tips on raising CX Cockerels?

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9 Years
Jan 27, 2010
Hickory, NC
I've got a batch of 25 CX cockerels coming in a month. It will be my first attempt at raising meat birds. I chose males-only because I want larger, roasting-type birds. Looking for any M.O. or special tips. Wondering about a couple things:

I've got a brooder with a wire-floor for the manure to fall through. I've read that wire can be hard on heavy broilers. Will it be ok to use this for the first 3 weeks or so until I put them outside?

I have access to free stale bread. Any advantage/disadvantage to feeding that the last few days or week to put a little more fat on the carcass? Or maybe feeding a little bread all along to offset cost of feed?

Any significant danger in letting these things go 8-10 weeks, provided feed is accurately restricted?

Any insight or experience you can share is appreciated. Thanks.
The wire in the begining is Ok, but I wouldn't leave them on it too long. As for the bread I would give some as a treat every now and then but I wouldn't make a habit of it.

I had absolutely no problem letting mine go to 10 & 11 weeks. Mine were a straight run, but the majority were cockerals. I did switch their feed to a 20 % protein at 5 or 6 weeks. They had been on 24% protein before that. I let them free range, too. Their feed and water were pretty far apart -- so that they had to walk. Feed and water were kept outside the coop unless it was raining. Then the feed was brought in. And on the exception of the occasional rainy day, I laid the feed right out on the ground of the meatie's run in a few spots. They had to scratch for it. I feed mine heavy on the corn for the last week before butchering. Mine turned out around 5-6lbs on average. I had one pullet that came out at 3.5lbs. Good luck! I really enjoyed raising mine! And plan on doing it again at the end of March.

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