Anyone else have a rooster stop crowing?

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    We had 6 roosters in our flock of 25 chicks. Somewhere around 12 weeks we heard our first crows. It took a few days to catch the offenders in the act, but we observed Sammy the Salmon Faverolle [​IMG] and Bluet the Blue Andalusian [​IMG] both crowing. It soon became obvious that our Alpha male Bluet was the main offender. After the first few days we never saw Sammy crow again. Fast forward several weeks and Bluet was crowing pretty much non-stop from 5 am to night fall. We're in town, so that didn't work out and our most entertaining and stunning rooster had to go. We lost another rooster to a crossed beak and now at 17 weeks 4 roosters remain. Sammy, Rocky the Barred Rock, Edgar the Easter Egger, and Ronald McDonald the Rhode Island Red. Ronald appears to be the new top dog, although there is no clear leader like there was when Bluet was arround and lately I'm noticing Cuckoo one of my Marans trying to be bossy.

    In the week since Bluet's exit I've heard one or two very quiet stray crows. I spend a lot of time with my birds and in the garden next to the birds. If someone were crowing I'd know it. My questions are as follows. I know Sammy can crow because I have seen it. Did he stop crowing because the Alpha male wouldn't let him crow? Now that Bluet is gone why won't he crow again? Has anyone else had a similar experience?

    BTW more pictures of my roo's are on this thread
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    Yes, I've read that subordinate roosters often clam up (or crow softly) because if they crow the head rooster will kick their butts. A friend of ours is trying to breed a rooster quiet enough for suburban backyards, and he goes around to "audition" roosters for his breeding program. He told me that sometimes a rooster will be promising in his home territory with a quiet crow, but once he's away from the head rooster that was intimidating him, he begins to crow much more loudly.

    Now that the top rooster is gone in your yard, it might take a while for the new king to establish himself. That's the only thing I can think of. Enjoy the peace and quiet while you can!
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    I wish!
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    Quote:I second that!
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    Quote:Thanks for the info. My husband is especially enjoying the quiet. As for me, I kinda like the company, although I value neihborhood peace too [​IMG]

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