Anyone else like....

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  1. ... Joel Osteen? I'm by far a bible thumper, but I really like him. He's very inspirational. I dont normally care for televangelists because they are usually all about point out how much you sin, but Joel is very uplifting.

  2. CityGirlintheCountry

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    Jul 7, 2007
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    I dunno. He kinda gives me the willies. Something about his smile. I don't quite believe him.
  3. Katy

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  4. I went to St. Louis with a friend to see him and his wife, and I love his stories, and I think he does a lot of good. He genuinely seemed to love his wife, which I liked alot, and I even made the remark to my friend that if he ever comes into the news with some of the terrible things the other preachers have done, I am just gonna give up. He is as cute in person as he is on TV, and those white teeth are just amazing. He can't help that he is good looking, and if his story he told is the truth, he had NO plans to become a minister, he wanted to be the one behind the scenes, but when his dad got sick the chance came for him to take over, and I think he refused the first time, but God led him to the pulpit, and its a wonderful story. Its a family affair, his brother is the accountant (might not be the greatest thing . . .) and I think there is a brother in law or someone else involved, as well as Victoria. She talked that night also, and gave a wonderful speech on the role of women in their husband's lives . . .music was a little too loud for my taste, but I like the old time church songs, so that could be the reason. . .all in all, it was a very inspiring evening, and it was full to the brim, so he must have a lot of influence throughout the US. I would go again if I had the chance!!
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    I love Joel Osteen. I have loved that guy from the first time I heard him.

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    Nov 25, 2008
    I just turned on the tv and guess who's on... I enjoy listening to him. He puts Gods word in a way I can relate it to my life, which is something I have not been able to find in a church, none of them seem relavent to my life and beliefs. I like him.
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    We get a lot of those religious channels down here at school for some reason. I see him every now and then and sometimes I listen, but usually Televangelists creep me out. Doesn't really matter who they are...

    Then again, I'm not a religious person in any means, but sometimes I just enjoy listening to the services of other religions. Doesn't matter what religion it is because most all of them hold the same values I believe in.
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    I like joel also. I have his book, your best life now. it is amazing.
    he does talk down to earth and if you listen to his sermons online on his website, he talks about stuff that really makes things make sense.
  9. A friend just bought me a new Zune. I hope I can download his podcasts..

  10. debilorrah

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    Pastors like that help Christian's be a little more understood at times. He manages to unravel the Bible in everyday words that help us understand that the heck God was talking about.

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