Anyone??? Help Needed Please re Worming Chickens in Thailand

Discussion in 'Managing Your Flock' started by thailand, Jul 23, 2011.

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    Hi everyone,

    I live in Thailand and am wanting to worm my 6 month old Brahma chickens for the very first time. I've been to the feed store here and found some Perazine A.N.B. I'm not sure if this is the right thing to be worming my chickens with and wanted to check with others here first please. It would appear that this is the same as Piperazine but is a Thai brand?

    It is a powder, and the packet says, "Each 50g contains Piperazine Citrate equivalent to piperazine citrate anhydrous 41.0 g"

    It then goes on to say, "Peranzine A.N.B. is brand of Piperazine Citrate are effective against most or certain species of roundworms, pinworms, in the dog and certain strongyles infecting domestic animals and cecal worms in chickens".

    If this wormer is correct to use, then my question is: what dosage should I use please for just 3 chickens?

    The dosage on the packet says, "Poultry 250 mg in ascarides infestation or 500 mg in Capillaria infestation"

    All advice is greatly appreciated as I'm finding it difficult to make sense of the dosage instructions LOL.

    Oh, and after much reading on this forum about worming chickens I'm going to hopefully follow up in 2 weeks time with Ivermectin. I'll likely have a question or two about that later.

    Many Thanks
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    Hey, I'd really appreciate it if someone could help me out with this [​IMG]

    Thanks heaps
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    It is piperazine made in Bangkok, Thailand. The only worm that it will get rid of in chickens is large roundworms. Sorry, I cant help you with dosage.
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    Thanks SO MUCH for your reply! [​IMG]

    I've read on this forum that Piperazine is a good wormer to use for the very first time, with the intention of ridding the chicken of some of the buildup of roundworms. My understanding is that I should then follow up with something like Ivermectin in about 10 days. This is what I am trying to do, but in a foreign country and with me being a first-time chicken raiser it is easier said than done!!

    I appreciate and welcome all advice anyone is able to give me.

    I am wondering if 1 gram of the powder to 1 litre of water for 2 days would be a safe dosage?

    I only have 3 chickens at this stage.

    Again, thanks
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    Thai, it's the middle of the night for most of us.

    That will be fine, so long as it's round worms you're dealing with. Side note many use capacasin to discourage worms, in your location, that would be powdered thai chilies (and save me some for pho). Just sprinkle on the chili powder like sesame over rice. You need to add 250 mg (1/4th gram) to 2 liters of water ( ~ 1kg: I converted in my head, but i'm pretty sure i did the metric right) or about 5 cups in standard us measurements.
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    As I understand it with the small amount of birds you have worms will not be a problem. They where brought in as chicks on vergin soil there should be no worms there to build up for quite some time.

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