Anyone want to share pics of their chickens?


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May 7, 2015
So I've had 3 flocks so far in my "chicken obsession" and I just wanted to see everyone else's! I don't have any pics but I have silkies, RSs, and black australorps. Hope I can get pics!

This Matilda, a Frizzle or Sizzle hen. No one knows for sure ;)
I also have 2 Silkie hens and then 4 "big girls" - 2 Wyandottes, a BR/Silkie, and an EE. The there Harold, the Polish roo, and a little Heinz 57 chick that I'm thinking is a cockerel. The comb and wattles at 9 weeks are screaming boy. And to round things out, I have 3 little 2 week old chicks that accidentally some how came home with me from the feed mill. Two black Australorps and a SL Wyandotte. Oops

The mystery chick - looks like a cockerel. He's a 9 wk old barnyard surprise. He came from a "free-for-all" pen with BRs, EEs, and Silkies that I know of.
They're beautiful! :D I had a BR and it was really friendly. Sadly it dissapeared a year ago. A month before it went missing it had been chased by a dog so I don't know if the dog came back or if it left :/
That stinks! Our dog is 4#, I worry more about the chickens hurting her. lol. Luckily we don't have any dogs in our neighborhood. I only let the girls free range when I'm home. Too many hawks.....
I've had the same free range problem. I want to let the flock roam around but I'm scared of the hawks and other predators. I've seen a lot of raptors around so I might fence in part of the yard. Who knows :/
I've never had RIRs because people said they were a bit in the agressive side. The BRs are great if you want a gentle bird!
Yah they're kind of on the aggressive side towards other roosters and they have pecked me a few times when I put my hand in there coop abd he didn't want me in there but other than that I think the aggressive nature is a pro since it is good when he uses his aggression to protect the flock

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