Arabian Horses for sale or trade


12 Years
Your horses are absolutely gorgeous, we had to sell ours last year due to the drought, no hay, now my granddaughter that had horses has moved into town and has no where to keep them, Good Luck on selling them, my neighbor took 2 of his to the auction to sell and when they didn't sell he offered them free to anyone that would take care of them, No offers, and when he got home he had 4 horses instead of 2, somebody had dumped 2 of their in his trailer. marrie


Peepin N' Cheepin
11 Years
12 Years
Jan 25, 2008
Thanks, I hear mixed feelings about the egyptians holding thir value so I thought If I priced them low enough maybe Id get lucky. WE will see, I dont really expect much for the gelding but it be nice to get a goat or 2 for him. Our land is 10 miles away and I have been reading al over about horses being dumped on property so I sure hope it does not happen. We did put padlocks on the gates so hopefully they would not go to that much trouble cuting through the locks and dump them in someone elses feild...sad to say but I only have 15 acres and that will barely suport what I have and I will still have to hay and grain this winter. I am in position to just sit on these horses though if I can not find homes for them.

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