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    Aug 13, 2011
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    Good Morning Everyone!

    I disappear for a week and you add like 40 pages to this thread! [​IMG] I just got caught up! [​IMG]

    Our modem died and we had a hard time finding a new one [​IMG]

    I hope everyone is doing good! And a huge [​IMG] to our newest members!

    Our eggs arrived on Wed. with some broke, due to our nasty mail man [​IMG] but the rest are in the incubator and last night I candled and did see life in one of the chicken eggs!!! [​IMG] I'm so excited! My son tells me last night, we need to order the Serama eggs and time it so they can go in the incubator right when the others come out. [​IMG] Think maybe he's having fun with this? :)

    We went to a bird show/sale yesterday and I got some beautiful birds!
    Anyone here ever seen a pink bird? Yes Pink! It's called a Rosy Bourke, i'll post some pics a little later.
    I also found a mate for our Button Quail and another small parrot we have. So i'm excited![​IMG]

    Now I need to get busy building cages (yes, another girl here who loves power tools. [​IMG] ) lol... and sprouting seeds and cooking for the birds!

    I hope you all have a great day! See you around!

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    Quote:Great idea! I'm all for it. What happened to the State Fair idea?
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    Oct 3, 2011
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    Quote:Great minds think alike. I've got to learn to read all the pages before posting![​IMG]
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    Quote:Or chucacabre?
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    Quote:[​IMG] I keep trying to convince my DH that he/they wouldn't be loud, but a quieter crowing roo is still probably too loud [​IMG] I dunno

    Speaking of roo's......I have a very pretty OEGB that I'd like to find a new home for. I have two OEGB roo's and have decided to keep the BBRed so I need to find a home for the Silver Duckwing. He's a very pretty Silver Duckwing. I'll take some pictures later today. If anyone would like a little 20 ounce roo with a small voice, really, you can barely hear him over the block wall or with the windows closed. He was born in mid- May and is very well behaved.
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    Quote:Thanks Bob. I've lowered the heat a tad. They don't see to be keeping away from the heat, but I was concerned. We turned off the AC about a week ago and none of the swamp cooling gets into the bathroom / peeper heaven. I'ts prolly around 85 in there. I'll put the thermal-meter back in there & find out.

    Mine have been outdoors the past two weeks. They were way too hot the past couple of days in the afternoon but totally comfy in the morning at 72 degrees when I check on them at 0630.
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    Jul 12, 2011
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    Quote:Hey Mikey,
    mine are doing this too. I seem to remember that it's a sleeping stage they go through. I know mine aren't too hot because they have a whole water heater box to move around in and they aren't moving too far from the heat light to sleep. The heated spot is about 90 at the hottest and they sleep on the edges of the hot spot. The other side of the box is probably close to room temp which is about 78.

    I put the thermal-meter on them last night. At the top of the tote, on the wire it was a bit over 80. They do seem fine.
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    Eighty degrees should be perfect. Gets them ready for the big outdoors.

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