Art Hosting website alternatives to DeviantART?


9 Years
Sep 13, 2010
Suprise, Arizona
I've been experiencing some issues with the use of DeviantART, which led to me leaving their website. Nice as it was, I just kept getting endless trojans sent to me. Sure, I do have a nice antivirus system, but I can't help but worry. In three days of browsing art, I got a total of seven attempted trojan infiltrations. That was scary. Worse yet, my antivirus system waited an entire day to tell me that this happened, even with how frequently it scans my computer. It was nice knowing that it blocked all attacks and quarantined the objects, but still, it was a nasty thing to sit down at my computer and suddenly get notified, "Hey, you were sent seven viruses yesterday!" and in the meantime, I was still browsing DA, not knowing how dangerous it was.

What I'm asking is, I've been very frustrated with this, and I really want some suggestions on where to host my artwork. An artist community would be really nice, too. I'm too frightened to visit DA anymore...
Sorry, don't know any other sites, but I have heard that DA does that. Im on Da, or have an account, I am rarely on it that much though.

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