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  1. So I am an amatuer photographer, but I haven't shot anything in quite a few years. I apprenticed under a professional after high school, but it was all 35mm back in those days. I have used digital point and shoots, but I'm getting ready to purchase my first DSLR.

    I think I've pretty much decided on an Olympus E520, and if I can afford it I want the Olympus E620.

    I realize that Nikon and Canon pretty much have the leading hand in the DSLR market, but Olympus seems to offer the most features and options for my budget.

    So my question is this... What DSLR do you use, and what do you like/dislike about it?

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    I have used older Olympus digital cameras and found them adequate. I actually took one of my most recognized and honored images on an Olympus C5050. My brother uses one of their SLRs, but not the most recent one. He likes it.

    I have used the Canon Digital Rebel (300D), 20D and 30D. I currently use a Canon 5D Mark II. I love it. It's such a step up from the previous cameras I've worked with. That being said... the previous ones I used are probably down in the affordable range for a lot more people now. Of those I would choose my 20D over and over again. It gave great image results when paired with a good lens.

    Whatever camera you get, put some heavy research into lenses for it. A good lens will make all the difference in the world in your images, moreso than even the camera body will.
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    I'm a Canon girl. I have a 35mm Rebel and a digital SD550 that I bought refurbished by Canon on Ebay. I love it. Takes super clear pics with great resolution plus built in camcorder. I'm sure I love it largely because it's so similar to the Rebel that it was a breeze to learn to use. I use the heck out of it too. I'm a powerseller on Ebay and sell a lot of small items I use the macro setting for.
  4. Yeah, I'm going to get the stock lens that comes with the kit for now, and save up for a couple good lenses later.

    My 35mm was a Canon EOS Elan II, and I LOVE it. I'm having a hard time switching, but Olympus really has me hooked with the 6 on camera art filters on the E620.
  5. I am using a Canon 1000D, and recently tried a Canon 40D. Am thinking about switching to the e-620. [​IMG]

    I would suggest you take a good look at lenses, prices, and the availability of used lenses before you decide. The one thing about Oly is good used glass is hard to find and the selection of their current range of glass designed for DSLR use is fairly limited. With either Canon or Nikon, you can find just about everything used at a good discount.

    That said, I like the features Oly is trickling down to their low end equipment, and I like their stated philosophy better - I hate the megapixel race and would rather have features than more MPs.
  6. Well this is my "beginners level" DSLR that I'll use to get started again. Sadly, I've forgotten what little stuff I had learned. Apertures, shutter speeds etc... all gone! It's going to take a lot of research, a lot of practice to get back to where I was.

    While the lenses on the Oly may be limited, if I become more active and start doing small side jobs, its highly likely that I'd upgrade to a bigger, better camera later on down the line.

    I've looked at the Canon Rebel XS and XSI, as well as the Nikon D40, and D60, and the OLY just takes the cake in that price range. The art filters are really what sold me, as well as the remote flash ability and the swivel LCD.

    And just for grins and giggles... I'm going to buy myself a Holga 120N too! I didn't realize they were so cheap, but they look FUN!
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    Mine is the Canon Rebel xTi 10.2 MP and I love it!!! The only drawback is after 2 years I am still figuring out how all the different features work.

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    I have a Nikon D50 that I bought a few years ago. I use a 30-200mm lens exclusively. My only training was from high school photography years ago...

    That being said. I love my Nikon. It was in my price range. All my previous cameras were Canon but since I was going to have to start from scratch when I went digital I went for it..

    Here is a pic I took before the prom on Saturday.

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    When I finally decide to switch over to a DSLR, I will most likely go with a canon. However, I currently have a higher end olympus ZLR with an 18x optical zoom and I am very impressed with it. Olympus is a very good brand, so I think you would be more than fine going with the camera you are looking at. When I was choosing my camera last summer, I chose between an olympus and nikon. Each had nice features, but I still chose the olympus hands down. The craftsmanship is better, and it just seemed like a better product overall.

    I'm taking a 35mm photography class next semester in college and I can't wait! Even though I'm into digital photography, I think it will be wonderful to learn how to process the photos in a dark room, etc.

    Have fun! I'm still new to it myself, but I find myself getting better and better with practice!
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    I have digital rebel and I love it.

    I do wish the back screen could be used as a viewfinder, but other than that I am happy with it.

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