Auction 10 + 1 cuckoo marans hatching eggs

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    Nov 14, 2008
    paypal auction only pay addy is [email protected] flat rate shipping of 14.95
    starts 3/21/12 ends 3/26/12 at 5:00 pm ohio time Please bid in your reply, After 1st. bid increses to $1.00 per bid.

    I am offering 10 + 1 cuckoo marans hatching eggs, I have 1 blk copper hen that is half cuckoo and 1 blk marans hen that is half cuckoo in with my cuckoo's flock, they are laying really good now and I just set 40 cuckoo eggs in my incubator and no more room. As with all shipped eggs I can not guarantee your eggs to hatch. I will bubble wrap each egg and pack to the best of my knowledge.My cuckoo's are my own line of cuckoo's ( NorRus line) I have raised this line of cuckoo's since 2000. The eggs are really good size and dark color for the cuckoo.

    Please pay when auction ends

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