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    I don't think Oz would be able to take eggs from us. In the past, he travels or ships eggs to himself in California, then he packs them and takes them to the Phils to his family farm. Where he farms them to improve local stocks.

    His long running thread is (mine is the 'Our intro to chickens') It is a pretty cool read, but you will need about a week if you start from the start!

    His plan has been in place for quite sometime, well before the recent storm. He has a thread going on volunteers for his assistance trip.

    In short, the trip he is planning is to take a few people over, dish out medical help to the under privileged, and also assist poor families to be self sufficient with some western breed duel purpose birds. Kind of 'if you don't eat these three chickens, they will give you eggs everyday and more chickens' type deal.

    I am keen to go in March.

    He had a couple of hundred in his 'mega-bator' to give away in March, but when they lost all power at the farm during the big storm, he lost the lot. That's why I think he is gathering another lot of eggs. His flock is young, so the majority are not yet laying.
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    Philippines have lower standards of quarantine but there is no way America would allow eggs to be imported Fromm experience.

    Sounds to be a worthy cause though.
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    So sorry, I do apologise :( I meant no offense, just very cautious now that's all :(
    Great idea though, hope it works out Oz :)
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    Aug 29, 2012

    Don't be silly. :). No offence taken. Just putting your mind at ease, not rousing on you lol

    I'm afraid I am generally sceptical of everything too these days. Its a pity we have sort of become a society full of con artists.
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    Aug 29, 2012

    I'm disappointed we can't help out but its a great effort and he should be very proud of his work.
    I haven't read the thread for many months so hadn't heard about the trip organizing.
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    :eek:. Hope your chickens don't get a zap!
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    No, it's about half a metre away from the base of the coop :) Never seen a fox in my yard yet, but just in case :)
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    Sounds like a good idea! All most everyone one here (except me lol) has fox problems!
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    Can you shoot foxes? Like pigs?
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    Apr 1, 2013
    Gold Coast, Australia

    everyone does.

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