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    Mar 18, 2016
    I have a dream to genetically diversify, popularize, and get the Australian Spotted Duck on the American Standard of Perfection.

    Why? Because I'm obsessed with ducks. And, they're beautiful.

    So, are there any Australian Spotted Duck breeders that you know of, preferably in Washington state or Oregon. I live in California.

    I want to accomplish my goals by getting a quartet of greenhead breeders, selling ducklings, and trading birds every year.

    I tried contacting a few breeders that I know of in Washington state, but they haven't contacted me back, yet.

    As far as trading birds goes, I would first acquire a greenhead quartet in the summer of 2017. Then, I would breed the greenheads. Next summer, I'd go back to the breeder I got the greenheads from and get a quartet of blueheads in the summer of 2018 while trading greenhead ducklings and juveniles. And so on.

    Basically, I have an established plan that I want to follow through on, and I'd like a breeder's help with the intent of helping them as well.

    I understand that Holderread's no longer sells Aussie Spotteds, and Duck Creek Farm doesn't sell quartets.


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    Apr 1, 2011
    Southern Maine
    Have you contacted the APA with your dream? I only ask because theres a lot more to the process of actually getting a breed recognized. And you have to do each color separately.
    You need at least 5 breeders who are willing to commit to breeding for 5 years, keeping records and pictures, need the birds to breed true to type (you come up with a suggested standard for the breed, submit it to the APA, and then that's what you breed to once they "ok" it), and need to be able to show them at at least 2 national shows (minimum of 50 breeding birds total). Then, you have to pay a fee to get them submitted as a breed (and have to be an APA member the whole time).

    It's a long, tedious process but totally worth it. I am working on Black Ancona ducks with a group right now. We are almost half way through the process but it has been totally worth it so far!

    That being said, I know of a woman in NH working on this breed. I know she has more than one color, but if you want to gather a group of breeders to get the process started she may be a good one to contact. Message me if you want her info!

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