Auto sexed Spitzhauben? Teach us...

Dec 20, 2017
Western North Carolina
Hello all!

Below is a picture of our 15 week old Spitzhauben “Cayenne Pepper”.
Dad is a gold Spitzhauben. Mom is a silver Spitzhauben.
we have read that offspring of this color combination produces a sex linked chick. Judging by the color, hes gold like dad, but he’s (?) not showing much in the way of wattle or comb development or a lot of red in the face. Maybe he’s got sickle feathers? And maybe the hackles are narrow. I would assume that after almost 16 weeks he’d be showing more male characteristics, assuming he’s a dude of course.
So let’s hear from you guys, what do you think the gender of this here bird is?
Thank you!


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