Baby bantam Cochin rooster attacked by dog-eared help!

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May 4, 2017
I have a 2 month old Bantam Cochin Rooster (at least I think he's a Cochin) who got attacked by my dog! The chickens were out in the yard and when my mom went out to put them away she saw my brave Little rooster seemingly dead at my stupid dog's feet.:( She thought he was dead but when she picked him up realized he was alive! He was in shock: beak open, panting, his little comb was light pink, and he was limp. :hitthe only visible injury, other than him being completely limp, was a little wound on the bottom of his foot (heel). I've looked at was bleeding, and I think it's a puncture wound but it's hard to tell and if it is, it's small. It happened in the evening. We got him to drink a little water and let him see that his ladies were all safe, then made a little hay bed for him and set him in it in his coup. We honestly didn't expect him to make it thru the night, and I was so upset I was crying up until I went to sleep and even then couldn't sleep just thinking about him.

Anyways, next morning he was still alive! I held him and got him to eat and drink a little of his chick food which has medicine in it. He kept dozing off but I read that's normal. He even groomed himself a little. I read more about what to do (this is my first time having chickens) and it said to separate him and keep him warm cuz he was shivering. So I put him in the box I kept all my chicks in when they were small. I got him some electrolytes that I put in his water..he only took 6 drinks cuz he can't stay awake. I also put tree tea oil on his wound. As far as his movement... I'll put him facing one direction and check him later and he's facing the opposite direction. I think he sorta pushes a little with one of his feet and uses his wings to move himself. I had him in my lap and he was sorta standing with me holding him. So he is improving.

But I just want to know what you guys think?? Is a full recovery possible? Anything else I should be doing for him?

He's my favorite and I love him so much! He has to be ok.:fl
I've had a few mangled by a young dog. They are shocky for the first few days, but all recovered after a few weeks, it generally will take a week before they start to show process. I wouldn't be force feeding them. Put food and water near, they will start to eat and drink as they feel better. If they survive the first night odds are they will be okay.

Chickens are good at healing if just left alone. It can be hard not to help, but sometimes intervening can cause more problems that it solves like choking them while try to feed or water them.
poly vi sol without iron, is great for helping them heal and getting vitamins....
sounds like your taking good care of him.. =)
Hi there
I am brand new to the group but I use to have almost an acre of property and had goats, chickens, a duck and one rescued pig. After we moved into a smaller place, I finally convinced my wonderful hubby that we could handle some hens. So we got some sexed hens and of course, my hubby picks out a couple of ducks :)
The reason I am writing is we have some rescued dogs including one long haired female dachshund who is, no lie, a Diva. And from day one, she has poked that long nose of hers into the chicks business.
Last night, she finally got lucky and managed to grab or scare my little Beauty off her roost and onto the ground where Athena (dog) chased her into a wire plant stand. I immediately rescued her and brought her inside and set up a comfortable space for her with everything within reach. I cannot find any visible injuries. I lost some feathers on one wing. I am concerned because she is keeping her left leg stretched out straight. She has not drank or eaten anything yet as far as I can tell but I know she was pretty traumatized.
Should I try to force some water down her with some aspirin?
I appreciate any advice. Thank you.
I would put her back out with the other chickens. Bringing her into the house is probably more stressful than the dogs. Check for broken bones than return her to settle back down. Have another look in the morning to see how she's doing.
Update on Scoops: he's doing great! He's almost fully recovered, the only thing is that he's moving a little slower than normal, but he doesn't stumble anymore. He's been back in the coup with his ladies for 3 days.

I noticed tho, that he's been sneezing some. Is that normal? My hens don't really sneeze often..
So it's been almost a month since the "incident" with Scoops and he's doing great except I notice he's a tad smaller than my other chickens, like he stopped growing during his recovery time? Also, he still can't scratch and dig with his foot, he just uses his beak. Anyone have similar issues after a traumatic event?

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