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Sep 4, 2019
HELP!! I got 8 baby chickens a few days ago from good old Tractor Supply (5 Sapphire Gem, 1 Easter Egger, and 2 Brahmas) my mother has had chickens before but these were my first very own babies. We had them in our house as they are so small and need a heat lamp still, and one of our very old (19 years old to be exact) house cats went wild and got into our enclosure and attacked our babies. Unfortunately, three did not make it and one is severely injured. I’m not sure if it’s trauma, head injury, or broken neck. Although I can ALMOST rule out a broken neck as I’ve seen her move her head a little, I’m still worried. After the attack she was laying so still. I started to clean the live chicks out and clean up the mess when I realized upon picking her up that she was still breathing and moved her legs and gave a few faint peeps. We put her in a cardboard box overnight away from the other chicks and still close to the heat lamp. She still won’t move (almost like she’s paralyzed), won’t open her eyes, eat, or anything. Her head and neck is tucked back and she won’t stretch it out. She appears to be dead until you see that she’s still breathing. Last night she had blood around her ear, and what I was pretty sure was a hole in the back of her head but today there isn’t any sign of a hole there (?) maybe I mistakenly thought there was and there really wasn’t? Or is it possible that it already healed?
I haven’t moved her other than to put her in a separate box, and this morning I attempted to give some water out of a dropper and she shook her head every time a little drop of water hit her beak, then opened her mouth as if to take it in.
Do you think this sounds like trauma? Or is it something more serious like internal bleeding, head injury?
This chick is only three days in our home since we got them from tractor supply, which we are unsure of how old they were when we got them.
I forgot to mention, this injured baby is a Sapphire Gem, if it matters!
I’ve looked up into some stuff but still not really sure of a diagnosis and have gotten mixed answers.
It doesn't take much pressure from the jaws of a dog or cat or from an excited human toddler to injure a fragile baby chick severely. Compression on the internal organs are enough to cause irreversible injuries. Any head injury is going to be serious.

I'm quite astonished your chick hasn't died by now. You can try to nurse it with warm sugar water and Poultry Nutri-drench to see if that can revive it, but my suggestion is to end its suffering.
:hugs I'm so sorry about your chick.

If you want to try to nurse her back to health I agree with @azygous try some sugar water or give a couple of drops Poultry Nutri-Drench. Hydration and warmth are important.

Sadly, sometimes chick(en)s suffer severe injury, illness or deformity and their suffering needs to be ended. If you are at this stage and feel she needs to be put down, the below article may be helpful to you. I do similar, but lay the chick on a flat surface and use a knife. It's not always an easy thing to do.
I don’t want to end her sweet little life if I don’t have to. I’m not concerned if she never lays eggs, she’s a pet and I want her to be able to life the fullest life she can. Obviously I’ll do what’s best for her but ending her life is not my top option.
I would give it a try to save her with some poultry nutriDrench and giving her a mix of chick feed and water mixed with a bit of egg yolk. She may be in shock, but just give supportive care, and see if she responds. Let us know how she gets along. She might have suffered a brain or internal injuries. They are just so delicate at that age, and you will probably know soon if she will survive. If she doesn’t seem to be able to stand or hold her head up, then you may need to consider putting her down. Good luck.
Said baby chick has passed on on her own a few minutes ago. She seemed to be peaceful in her last minutes. We will be burring them all tonight. Thank you for all your help and recommendations. ❤️

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