Baby chick sickness


Mar 10, 2018
Eastern GA.
Help!! I have posted earlier, however I finally got to my parents house to see the baby. The chick is doing a little better. Earlier it was pooping out what looked like egg whites. Then she/he pooped out a HUGE turd, now she is really quiet and stays to herself. I am not sure what to make of it. I have 43 chickens and I have hatched most of them, however I have never had one do this to me. It is making me worry. If anyone can help me in anyway it would be greatly appreciated. If needed, I will post pictures of this baby. She is a pure silky. She is only about a week old.

The egg-white substance that was coming out may have been a sign of coccidiosis. Look out for signs of blood in poop. get some corid to be safe. it's not an antibiotic, so it won't hurt them if they aren't sick.
Thank-you! I will try that tonight. We just rescued these silkies from a lady & most of them have been sick, this one however is just more sick than others. I greatly appreciate you responding.

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