Baby emu pen

The Sheriff

10 Years
Jun 17, 2009
Northern CA
My 2 little spoiled three-day-olds just moved from a small hampster cage into their new digs. I have a dog playpen set up on the day bed in my office on top of a tarp. The mattress is a kidpedic memory foam mattress and it is hard as a rock so please don't fret about them being on a soft surface. When they get bigger I'll slide plywood under if it is a problem. They have a heat lamp at one end with a crawl-in sleeping bag. At the other end they have the big Brinsea contact brooder with a little bed underneath. They have lots of hanging bird toys with bling and a mirror with a bell on it. They have food and water and lots of space to run around.


Too Cute. Congrats.... be watching the Icelandic thread, so I popped over here to see more baby pics. Waiting on results.
for the girls.
No Irine, the shell membranes were sent for DNA sexing so they won't be named until I get the results. Should be Tuesday.
I took top of the head picture just for you! I already posted them on my blog but will wait and post here when the DNA results are in.
The kicker is you had a girl at one point. I think Knock Knock is going to want her sleeping bag back.

I'm gonna have to come over and help spoil them for you. You know, to relieve the burden from you and Michael.

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