baby indian runner ducks in Portland Oregon


10 Years
Nov 1, 2009
portland oregon
I am in Portland Oregon and I just hatched my first clutch of runner ducks and it was Awesome. Had it not been for BYC I don't know what I would have done. My plan was to wait until they were old enough to sex and give them to my most favorite friends in perfect little groups.. However, unexpectedly I have to go into the hospital (super scared) for a period of time and will be laid up in bed for weeks after. My poor partner is going to be overwhelmed as it is trying to do what I do everyday. So now I am sooo stuck with the most wonderful baby ducks that need wonderful homes before Wednesday. What horrible luck. Email me for info. at [email protected] Thanks BYC. I heart you! I don't know how to do this auction stuff. I am just looking for amazing people in my local area....I hope that doesn't offend.
Thank you. They are incredible little creatures I love them with all my heart. I haven't heard from anyone interested in the poor little babies. My fingers are crossed.

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