Baby runner ducks with big ducks?


Jul 22, 2021
We just got 4 older runner ducks (5 months I believe) and 2 baby runner ducks (10 days). We have been keeping them seperated by a fence, but they seem literally desperate to be together. The problem is they are still quite skittish of us and when they are together, the adults trample the babies whenever they get frightened (which is frequently lol). I just feel bad that they are literally spending all their time at the fence trying to get to one another. This is what they look like most of the time. Just laying there beside one another on either side of the fence... Any advice? Should I move the babies where they can't see the adults? Let them mingle?? Just be patient??? Thanks!
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:)Be patient give them all more time to get settled so you do end up with a 10 day old injured . My Runners all bunch together and would stomp down anything smaller than them moving as one. Maybe go in and sit with them quietly and toss out some mealworms,once they begin getting use to your quiet presence then try everyone together with mealworms. You want the 10 day olds to get a little more sturdy before putting them for good in with the older ones. My Runners ducklings always have had a mama to keep them safe your it in this case. I hope you’ll post some pictures of your new babies
Thanks! I just feel so bad for them, they seem to be so desperate to be together lol. I'm spending time trying to make friends with them, but so far even approaching sends all of them into an absolute panic.
It's typical Runner fashion lol I know but at least they can be side by side. I mean you can do what you want but I'd be concerned someone is going to be trampled with the size difference. Big size difference too. They look beautiful from what I can see. I love Runners

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