Baby Silkie Coloration? *PICS*

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    My little silkies are about three weeks old, and they've changed so much!

    I've read a lot about how you can't really tell precisely what colour they'll be. But do their little spots usually fade much? Most of mine are spotted, some with a buff background, some with a very partridgey background, and one with a pretty grey.




    Running around like crazy things because I turned on the flash:


    The light in my basement isn't really letting me get a good clear picture of their colours, but they're all getting deeper colouring, and FLUFFIER, by the day!

    Any predictions on how they'll turn out?
  2. silkiechicken

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    My guess is they will turn out partridge and not have spots like they do in their chick fluff. The banding in their baby fearthers will probably disappear by adult feathers, if not by teen feathers. However, baby chick feathers can be deceiving.
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    Certain patterns of chick down, regardless of breed, will tell you what color they will be as adults. Your little ones look like they will be partridge or have a variation on that kind of color pattern when they get their adult feathers. The feathers they have now are secondary feathers, and will fall out and be replaced when they are 3-4 months old with their adult feathers. The difference between the color pattern of the chicks and adults can vary dramatically. Most of the time the spots and barring will completely disappear to be replaced by darker, solid coloring or a more defined type of pattern.
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