Bad Rooster!!

Discussion in 'Chicken Behaviors and Egglaying' started by 31665, Nov 4, 2008.

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    Apr 14, 2008
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    I went into the coop to feed the 15 6mo old girls and 1 6mo old rooster and he attacked me! I smacked him with the feed scoop and he came back at me. I ran out of the coop area and he was right a my heels. I then went back in with the rake to let everyone out in the yard and he chsed me! I used the rake to keep him back and he was crazy. I was yelling and running like a fool! My dog came running and wasn't quite sure what my problem was. I feel terrible I thought I was doing a great job and I read all your info. I thought I was in charge. Now I have to get rid of him because I will never be relaxed and I have a 2 yr old grandchild that is always over and loves to feed the girls. How do you end a chickens life and should we eat it? He is 6 mo old white leghorn. He is so beautiful!! I am very sad today.
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    I am sorry. But better safe then sorry.
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    The best way is to just drive two nails close together in a stump and strech the birds neck from them while quickly doing the deed with a sharp hatchet. Hang the bird up on a clothes line or something and let it bleed out before dressing it and it will be less messy.
    I know it's terribly unpleasant but if you have small children around it's best not to take chances. I'm sorry you are faced with this choice [​IMG] Good luck.
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    I had a rooster that I loved but had to get rid of - I posted on the Buy/Sell/Trade thread and found a new home for him where he can be is superior roo self.... Just a thought. The instructions given on how to kill the roo didn't say that they shake and quiver LOTS when you lop off their head, you should have a very firm hold. Also, no food or drink 24 hrs before will make processing easier, if you intended to actually use the meat. Something to get used to, if you can. I would suggest if you are going to kill it to read up more about it or post asking for people's stories about that.
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    He is hitting his puberty and changing from a young cockerel to a rooster, and he is trying to do what roos do. Unless you bought him SPECIFICALLY with the intention of killing him for meat, don't jump the gun and kill him just yet! He needs some behavior modification and needs to learn that YOU are top roo and will not allow him to dominate or try to intimidate you. Do a search for roosterred's behavior page and use some of his techniques, and you just may end up with a happy well adjusted rooster you can enjoy and whom you won't have to kill. Roos have a very important job, and a good roo tends to take it very seriously. Don't blame him for trying to learn how to do his job. Learn what HIS job is and what is normal for him to be able to fulfill his job, and you will better learn how to do yours as well. I hope you give your boy a chance....
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    I know exactly how you feel. I had the same problem a few months ago. He was delicious!

    Good luck! [​IMG]
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    My White Leghorn became somewhat mean when he hit about 6 months old aswell. After a few weeks he kinda backed off and now he's just a big ol' baby. Never turn your back on your roo. Show him who is boss. A squirt bottle I have noticed will work to make them back off. I would give it a few weeks and stand up to him. You running away makes him think he's the tough one. If it dn't work find him a new home. Sounds like he would be a good protector of a flock.
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    Some roosters can be fixed IF you catch it immediately, however, some just will not be rehabilitated, no matter what you do. My personal opinion is that a rooster who knows you are the one who brings food and water, yet attacks you for no reason, is dumb as a rock. I think the ones who realize who "butters their bread" are the more intelligent ones. I have five roosters, not an aggressive one in the bunch. I have had one who showed aggression and I used the usual tactics, but he wasn't going to change so he was gone soon. They dont have to be cuddly, but they do have to be non-aggressive to their humans or they do not stay here.

    Dutch, my sweet cockerel who leads my laying flock, developed a cute little habit at about 8 weeks old. When I'd reach down to pick up one of the girls, he'd run over and nip my hand. We immediately fixed that by grabbing his beak and not letting go for a couple seconds and we'd then scoop him up and carry him around. Then we'd offer our hand to him, which he'd shy away from. Doing that two or three times broke him of it forever. Sure, he was just a baby, but what is cute at 8 weeks old is not cute with a 9 lb rooster.

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