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May 31, 2018
Hello! So I have a 'rescue' chicken named Bagel, and hes a pretty goofy guy. I got him from a lady after he was bought for meat production and ended up being the victim of some pretty harsh bullying by his brothers and sisters. He had a leg injury and couldnt stand, so I helped him out and now he's almost completely normal, despite his slight limp/wobble and his small size (he was severely stunted from not being able to get to his food/water)

Everything seemed fine, he runs around the yard, jumps over his pen fence and pretty much minds his own business. The only problem is that we already had a rooster named Bake. Bake is, well, an asshole, but Ive never seen any conflict between the two. If anything, Bagel prefers hanging out with the ducks rather than the chicken flock. Recently though, I noticed a bald patch on his lower back.

I dont know if this is because he might be a she, or if Bake is showing dominance over him. I was told he was a boy when I got him but i wouldnt be surprised if that was wrong. Im just wondering if a rooster would cause feather loss? Its only on that spot and theres feathers trying to grow, but it seems to be slowly getting worse/bigger. Nobody else has this, including Bake's favorite hen (of which he constantly begs for affection from). I know ducks can be pretty violent when mating but they arent shy about it so I always know when theyre 'in the mood'. Plus, Bagel seems to be the only one with this problem. It could be nothing, or a result of him being low on the pecking order, but i just wanted to be sure it wasnt something possibly serious. Hes a special guy and I wouldnt want anything bad for him.

Any ideas would be appreciated :)
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The only way to solve this mystery of Bagel's bald back is to set up watch and see what goes on when Bagel is hanging with the ducks. I am guessing that one or more of the ducks is nibbling on his back.

In my flock, my two roosters are prey to a couple hens that relish nibbling at their slender neck feathers. The hens keep chewing and nibbling on the boys' necks until all that's left are fuzzy stubs.

This year, I vowed to protect the roosters from having their good looks despoiled by installing pinless peepers on the culprits that can't seem to keep their beaks to themselves. So far, it's working.

If Bagel is having his back feathers snatched to the skin, you can paint Blue-kote on the exposed skin and it will be far less attractive to would-be feather thieves. Or try the pinless peepers on the perpetrators when you identify them.

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