Bantam Black Mottled cochins/Black cochins

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    Mar 25, 2012
    We will be attending the Ohio National. I have a couple of pairs of mottled bantam cochins for sale, and some single roos for sale. We also have a black frizzle cockerel, black frizzle hen, and black cockerels. The black cockerels are out of our rooster Tom who was , Jr.Reserve Bantam at Canfield show, grand champion at our fair and Jr .Best featherleg at Mumford poultry show this fall. His daughters were RB and BB at The Maryland state poultry show this past weekend. One of the pullets went on to win Grand Champion Bantam on the youth side. Single Roosters-$20 want to clear out the roosters for winter- so special consideration to 4Hkids and for multiple purchases. Our mottleds do well at the shows as well.
    Also have silkies in various colors.
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