bantam chicks died one by one

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  1. I'm extremely upset now as the last of my 7 bantam chicks died.I have No idea at all on Why they all suddenly died. I do not have an incubator and my chicks were hatched by it's broody mom. After the 3rd day the chicks started dying.they were eating chick feed and drinking properly but suddenly 1 by 1 started falling dead.the last one died on my hands a few minutes was gasping for air and I'm clueless on Why and What happen? Where I live..I can never get medicated chick feed..only Normal ones..I fed them small mealworms as well..all seemed fine but now..all dead.anyone has any idea why
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    I would have suspected coccidiosis. Are you able to get any coccidiostat products there like Corid or Amprol?
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    How old were the chicks when they died? I have raised a few groups of chicks with broody hens, and I never use medicated feed. I do think that some diseases come from dirty eggs or from a broody who is sick (salmonella) or has not been eating a balanced diet, and my be lacking vitamins. This is not to make it sounds like your chickens was like that , but just to give you an idea why this may have happened. Some broodies may not be good mothers. There may be all sorts of answers. Scroll down to salmonella in this article:
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  4. Cafarmgirl I suppose not because it is illegal to keep chickens in apartments and limited to 10 chickens per private housing.this kinda dumb laws here discourage people from keeping which pet stores do not sell them due to the extremely low's frustrating but the truth.
  5. The chicks were 3 days to 4 days old when they started dying.we can only get basic chick feed here..nothing else..they do not sell vitamins..medicated feed...nothing for chickens here.only basic feed.the mother has been eating the Brandless layer feed with a little cracked corn with occasional mealworms.and the mother has never come in contact with any wild birds here as well.
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    Bantam chicks have a hard time eating. Lots of feed types are simply too large for them to swallow. A chick that is eating will have a FULL crop all day long. A way to make sure that they can eat what you are feeding them is to make them a wet mash to eat. I am so sorry this happened.
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    Before they passed did the chicks appear puffed up and real sleepy? If so that could be a symptom of coccidosis. Coccidosis can be present WITHOUT having bloody stool or with bloody stool depending on the strain. To treat coccidosis you would use Amprollium or brand names would be Corid or Amprol. if you can't get it at the feed stores you can likely find it online. I'm very very sorry about your babies! Were they also eating the layer feed? Layer feed can be hard on baby chicks and their organs as I understand it. Is it possible they were eating the layer feed too? Or were they just eating chick feed? What exactly were their symptoms before they passed? If you list their symptoms perhaps we can be of more help. Again I'm so very very sorry for your losses.

  8. I did make a mash up.but they were not too interested in it after awhile.
  9. The chicks were pretty active.not puffed up.No layer feed.only chick feed and small mealworms.but they kept chirping throughout the they were in distress or something but I brushed it off thinking it was pretty Normal.the only pattern I noticed was..they kept dying by colours.first..2 black chicks.then 2 yellow ones and then 2 blacks followed by a yellow and black mixed chick which died on my hands.I find it weird pullet was about 4 months when she first laid.could it be too young to have become a Mummy and had premature babies?
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    Did chicks have access to grit? If eating anything other then chick feed,they need grit. My first guess would be Coccidiosis. Cocci kills very fast,but is easily controlled using a coccidiostat.

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