Bantam Cochin listless/not broody...ideas needed.

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    I have a Bantam Cochin that has been listless and lethargic. I brought her into the house one night thinking she needed time out so I could see what was happening. That evening she began to fuss and fume so I allowed her on the ground where she ran all the way back to the hen house, hopped in a nest making the "purring" noises like she would if she was broodie and that is where she spent the night. Early the next morning she bailed out of the nest and never went back in, although I noticed that they did not eat or drink from what I could see during the day. And I rectified this situation.
    Last night when the rooster did his business, it was apparent that he smashed her face down and when he got off her, she never straightened up. I went over and picked her up and put her in the ""hutch" alone. She went on the perch last night and I've been off with my moms health issues, I do not think she has touched her food at all.
    Her bowels are moving, greenish- I think she over ate green grass. DH gives them a pot of grass when the cats are done with it, that was Saturday and its wed now.
    The droppings are normal size, shape and like I said green, with the approx normal size of white to it.
    What in the world do you think is happening with her? I'm at a loss, shy of giving her an antibiotic or olive oil, I would like her feeling better.
    Oh, no odor from crop, comb and foot color appears normal (red comb/yellow feet), no nasal or eye involvement. She is 1 year old, laid an egg Sat, Sunday, nothing Monday,yesterday, none today. I do not feel that she has a fever, cough or anything I can put my finger on.
    Thank you in advance!
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  2. Glenda L Heywood

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    Apr 11, 2009
    I do think they got too much grass
    this may take some doing

    you did n't mention if she has a crop impactation?

    I would give her some
    wet mash probiotic
    two chickens this amt
    6 tbsp of dry crumblss
    12 tbsp of milk sweet, sour, buttermilk
    2 tbsp of non flavored yoguart

    now mix good and feed it to the two chickens
    in the water
    2 qts water 1-1/2 tbsp of apple cider vinegar

    now feed this twice a day what they will eat in 20-30 minutes
    then clean the wet feeder up and restock the dry crumbles

    maybe this will get herusing up the grass that they must have ecgorgued on

    also did the cats urinated on the grass before the husband fed it to the chickens?`
  3. spook

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    Thank you Glenda, I appreciate your suggestions and will do this asap.
    No, she did not have sour or impacted crop. Her bowels are moving and she is talkative when she sees me. When I felt her crop to begin with, it sounded gassy, she "burped" but it did not have an odor. She did eat yesterday, can't say much else at this point.
    I placed the roo and other hen in with her tonight, it perked her up a bit, not wanting to come down off perch and I placed a small egg in the nest to give her an idea of something!
    I gave them treats of grapes, strawberries and bread, things that she cannot resist, she resisted although showed interest. I held a grape and she seemed to have enjoyed it, and then wouldn't take any more.
    She is not egg bound either.
    No, there is no urine on the grass- if there was....never mind! lol
    I looked at that pot of grass and there seems to be some mold at the base of the grass. Now 8 birds at that, why only the one. hmmm.
    Maybe that is a bit of mystery solved.... That is the good part of this site, now to fix that problem. poor bird.

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