Bantams & Large Fowls Together


14 Years
Jan 17, 2009
Lancaster County PA
Does it cause problems having bantams and large fowl chickens together? We are thinking about raising some bantams in addition to our large fowl chickens. We thought about hatching the bantams first and then several months later getting the large fowl. Our thinking is that the banties would be started and have established themselves. Any thoughts?
I keep banties with my large dual purpose chickens. I honestly don't have any problems. When integrating new birds with the old there will always be some ruffled feathers as tjhe pecking order is reestablished. I leave my chickens free range all day everyday so they have plenty of space. You might have some issues if your birds are cooped all day
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I am still new to this whole BYC thing, but we started with BLRW and LB, which are very large chickens and have since added Silkies, a Sizzle, a Blue Sumatra, and Bantam Cochins and everyone is fine. They take a day or two to re-establish their pecking order, but then they are fine. I do free range most of the day though and that may make a big difference.

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