Barred Rock Cockerel- FREE


9 Years
Aug 1, 2010
Mount Vernon, WA


I sadly have to get rid of my Barred Rock Cockeral called "Frank Sinatra" "Frank" for short. He is a good boy and a great protector. He crows whenever he sees a threat and flaps his wings. He is very afraid of me and i dont know why. He has never charged to or has shown himself as a threat towards me. If you have any interest in this pretty boy, please private message or email me :)

He has been hand raised and has been fed flock raiser, along with oatmeal and yard clippings, and fruit or crackers left over from the house. He is allowed to range periodically, but could be confined to a run. He has yet to mount a hen, but he is spinning protective circles around them

I would rather him go to a good home, and live a long life. If he must be slaughtered, I understand.

UPDATE: He needs to go. He only mates one of my hens and she is in bad shape. PLEASE take him!


This includes:
1 bag feed
1 bag grit
If u lived closer id take him. He's gorgeous and I need anotha bardy...

I'm sure u could find him a good home. But for now, for the sake of your hen, id pen him away from them.
I live not far from you in Washington, pickup is possible and I am very interested in him.
Do you know if he is show quality? He is definitely a pretty boy. Hatchery or breeder? The reason I ask is because I was looking for a nice young roo to show in the fair next year.
Not show quality ): I got him from a local farming store. (local not cooporate) i believe they use meyer? not sure. I understand if you still dont want him. And he is kind of scared of people.

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