Basque/Swedish Flower Mix Chicks (2-3 wks old)


10 Years
Jun 18, 2009
Atlanta, GA
We have 9 mixed breed chicks we'd really like to move out. (we need the space for goslings!)

It appears the Swedish Flower rooster snuck over to the Basque hens while the Basque roosters were too small. We now have 9 mixed breed chicks that need a new home. We are asking $8 ea or would take $55 for all 6. NPIP certified.

Should make for an EXCELLENT, heritage flock. They are both great foraging breeds and very clever and friendly.

We will ship next Monday with USPS or you may pick them up in NW GA or N AL (this weekend only). PM for more details.

Pictures of parent stock on our website and our other ads on here. Chicks are a mixture of colors and patterns.

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