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  1. [​IMG] I'm interested in getting a hen to hatch out some eggs rather than using an incubator. I know the bantam ducks have the best reputation for going broody, but I wonder if people could tell me their experiences with their ducks going broody. Which breeds have you seen go broody and hatch out eggs? How many clutches a year did they do?
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    Muscovy have always been our best broody ducks. The hens do two or three clutches a year each with up to twenty ducklings per clutch. I have used them to hatch chicken eggs also although I've never let them raise the chicks they hatch for me.
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    Nothin's broodier then a Muscovie!
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  4. yup a Muscovy for sure !
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    Yes, you'll never find anything more broody than a muscovy!
  6. Muscovy's! Thanks! Wow three clutches! Do the eggs taste about the same? How big are they compared to my Khaki Campbell and Runner hens? They would get along with them just like other ducks right?

    Anybody have any quirky luck with lightweight breeds going broody?
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    Muscovy hens would tend to be larger then Khaki Campbell and Runner hens, but the drakes are HUGE about 50% larger than the hens. They are vigorous mates and nothing with feathers is safe from Moscovy rape (Including my large geese). Even if you only get hens they are sure to rule the rest of the ducks since they are great fighters and the sharp claws that they have for roosting are much better weapons than your other ducks have (unless you have bought them guns:D)
    The reason three clutches can happen is that stay "in season" thru warm weather except when they are broody or have young ducklings underfoot.
    The eggs are very large @ 30oz/doz while grade A large chicken eggs are 24 oz/doz my personal opinion is that they taste great. Both Khaki Campbells and Runners were bred for egg production, and going broody is counter productive since they don't lay while they are broody.
  8. Quote:I feel a little nervous about Muscovies because of the claws and the size. I am interested in using a broody to incubate Khakis and/or Welsh Harlequins, so I would need to be getting under the hen to put in wanted eggs and remove unwanted eggs. And adding an aggressive duck doesn't appeal to me, that's a major reason I am trying to get rid of one of my drakes.
    Maybe I should look again at the bantam breeds. My only problem with them is they tend to be very loud, and I live in a city.
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    Yes maybe you should. If you are planning to go under a Muscovy hen while she is setting I strongly recommend Thick Long gloves that go up to the elbow. As well as the claws I mentioned they also bite as well as any duck or goose. I'm not saying that meek sweet Muscovy hens don't exist, it is just not the normal thing for the breed If you know someone with a sizeable flock you might be able to find one there. PS the hens usually fly very well unless you keep a wing clipped.
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    no incubator here never need it i just stick my eggs under the mucovey hens

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