Best treatment for sneezing and watery eyes


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7 Years
Jul 21, 2012
i have a flock of about 60 birds and I am noticing a couple of birds that have watery eyes and are sneezing. What do you guys suggest I do? First time flock, Another thing to note is we started having colder days here High 30's low 40's at night.
Garlic is very good to give your chickens if you can handle the smell of it in your coop. I started giving it to my chicken along with a bunch if other things and slowly it seams her breathing is getting a little bit better. I crush a clove of garlic and share it between my coop and my sick one. I have her inside to keep warm and so that she doesn't pass it on to the flock. Garlic is used to help with fungus... It probably has lots of other good things about it too... Might as well try. I also use banana (potassium) to help built up the lung tissue. I also heat her water regularly... Cold water causes the body to use energy to make it body temperature. It will also feel nice for her being sick and cold feeling. Every other day I put mint in her water. Then Orange to increase vitamin C. Hope this helps. At this point I'm trying everything. You can also try electrolyte mixes that you can usually find at your local feed store. Please reply to tell me how your chicken is doing


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