best way to unweasel one's self....?

Discussion in 'Predators and Pests' started by chickensducks&agoose, Dec 2, 2009.

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    It WAS a weasel. I am usually willing to take you'alls long distance advice as gospel truth, but it was NOT a raccoon, it was an evil ferret!!!! I heard a ruckus in the coop, hopped out of bed, and, without stopping to put on pants or shoes or socks, or a coat, ran right outside and to the coop, FLUNG the door open (a bunch of freaked out birds practically killed me trying to fly out), and there it was, a brown, evil weasel... I had a moment of debate, where I tried to figure out if I should grab it with my hands or not, and finally decided NOT, since it probably has evil weasel teeth... Whaddo I do?

    ps. i'm a vegetarian...
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    I am not sure what being a vegetarian has to do with hunting down a weasel!!! But.............

    You need to figure out HOW the weasel got into your coop and close off all the holes!

    You may also want to get a trap and place it outside of your coop to get them before they get to your chickens!!

    Good Luck!

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    See if you can find a hole where it comes in.
    Get a large Rat Trap, and put it inside an upside down box so the chickens cant get to it, bait it with a piece of sardine, or some cheap smelly cat food, and set it at the entrance hole
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    1. Set up a trash can near the coop @ night.
    2. Smear chicken blood or whatever remnants you have of your deceased birds on the trash can.
    3. Insert chicken meat/feathers inside the trash can.
    4. Fill the trash can half way with water (enough that if a ferret were to fall in - it would have to swim).

    In theory, and I've done this with mice/rates, the ferret will investigate the trash can because of the smell and fall inside. Make sure you check the trash can regulary, unless you want the ferret to DROWN...because it will! [​IMG]
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    Sep 4, 2009
    A stinking weasel recently got 4 of my breeding and showing rabbits. My husband found this website for me:
    you search "weasel control" into google, you should find some good methods of catching them. I locked up my outdoor animals indoors that were at risk after that. I haven't a trap, so haven't caught it, but I am certain it is still around. I plan on remedying that very soon. They are not nocturnal, nor do they hibernate, just fyi. Good luck.
  6. chickensducks&agoose

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    (in a whiny, tired voice) "I can't KILL it....." I don't want to kill the evil weasel just for being an evil weasel... I want it to decide to move away... maybe to florida, to soak up some rays... but I really, REALLY don't want it eating my chickens, I'm getting a new one in 2 days... will spray foam be enough to keep it out of the holes (that i need to FIND!!!), or do I need to screw hardware cloth over the holes?
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    Weasels are slick clever creatures. [​IMG]

    I hate to say it...but....Mr. Weasel has found the location of the local KFC...he will be back.
    You might have a chance with a live wire box trap...but they are smart!!!!!!
    you might try the niteguard light boxes to keep them away. [​IMG]

    Good luck!!!
  8. LynneP

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    I would live-trap it. You can bait with chicken parts. Be prepared for more, though.

    Live traps can be rented or hardware stores sell them. You might want a trapping where to put the weasel? Advice from natural resources dept...

    Please check any loft areas of your coop for a weael sleeping during the day especially after a heavy feed. Take no chances around one- can be vicious.
  9. chickensducks&agoose

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    I just removed the insulation panel that has been in the top of my coop since we got it... FULL of insulation (pink puffy, from WHERE?!?) stink, and feathers... don't know if that was where the weasel has been sleeping, but someone certainly has! Foam insulated the edges of the roof, just in case, and plan to get more hardware cloth to tack up on the ceiling... before putting the insulation panel back up... now to make the door fit better.... almost an inch gap on top... which I just called 'ventilation' until now... yeesh.

    The F&W people said to trap it and kill it... relocating is tricky, and the weasel usually dies anyway.. she said that shooting is MUCH more humane than drowning or anything else... still... i'm leary...
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    Trap and kill or let it keep killing your birds. Those are your two choices. It will return because you are an easy mark. Foam will not even stop a mouse, let alone a weasel. A persistent pred has found and targeted your flock. Time to either toughen up or find a new hobby. Try to imagine the last few terrifying seconds of life your poor chooks had, and you will have all of the resolve you need to do what you must. Chris-m90731 had a good idea and costs nothing. [​IMG]

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