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  1. So my DH and I took a trip to Miami Florida and the Florida Keys for the holidays. I had to leave my babies in the hands of my mother for a week. I was so worried. A week without chickens? it broke my heart. I made my DH's heart swell!!!! He was so excited to be birdless for awhile.

    Or so he thought. We get to Miami and what do I see???


    chickens on every streetcorner!!!! He just shook his head. 'Wait until we go down to the Keys' he said. Then we will be chickenless!!!!


    On our way to Margaritaville we see this???? Wild chickens all over the island!!! how cool is that?


    And in the morning when I got my cup of coffee and sat down outside what did we see? Look at her tiny babies with her!!! awwwwwww


    DH HAD to get away from them. He was sure he was going nuts, that some 'chicken God' was haunting him. So we went for a walk and saw above and below!!!!!



    He about had a nervous breakdown at that point. I told him if he was good to me and let me have 6 new chicks this spring I would protect him from all the chickens. It was so funny. The wild chickens down there in the Keys were so beautiful! they were all Bantams. It was so nice to get back home to my own flock though. 'Bird gave me a big wing wave through the window of the coop before I could even get it open to say hi!

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    Yep....we love our Key West.chickens....but I'm up in North Fl so I only see.the adopted ones they rescue...hehe
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    I'm surprised you didn't try to sneak a few home with you.....I'm assuming you couldn't get them past airport security.

  4. believe me chick, I did think about it. Hubby was driving home and I flew home, I tried so HARD to get him to drive a few home. [​IMG]

    Zoo, that's right! I forgot you'r in Florida. Have you seen the statues of them in Miami at all? they are in the Cuban area on every corner done all up different. SOOOO cool!

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