Black Copper Maran [Sport?] Chick - Pictures:

Discussion in 'General breed discussions & FAQ' started by QuailHollow, Mar 14, 2009.

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    Wow!! What an awesome friend. I need better chicken friends. Maybe its a Wheaten. Wheaten can be a recessive to Black Copper. I think the general concensious is the Wade Jeane can throw Wheatens. If its a "sport" its a color variety that can crop up from recessive genes recognized variety or variation thereof.
  3. klf73

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    Quote:heard the same thing..... [​IMG]
  4. Given these are from RV, I wouldn't necessarily attribute the potential wheaten from Wade's line. I have not seen WJ birds without feathered shanks. Who knows what the breeding is on those birds.....

    I think they are cute and good luck with them!

    Edited to add: I've heard that too, and I know where that piece of info started, and I am not convinced......
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    Most likely it is a wheaten.
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    yeah sports i've seen are actually white and that cutie looks marked [​IMG]

    They are beautiful Sam!!!!!! [​IMG]
  7. QuailHollow

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    Thanks guys! I'll probably give him away to one of the local kids for a 4H project, but I wanted to know what the deal was with this so I could explain it before she came over tomorrow. [​IMG]
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    The birds are probably "throwing" different coloured chicks because they have been crossed with other colours further back in their lines.
  9. amazondoc

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    If it's a Wade Jeane chick, it's most likely a wheaten. His birds throw a lot of wheatens.
  10. Quote:Have you hatched out Wade Jeane chicks, Doc? I have yet to hear of one person who has hatched his birds that are clean legged or a wheaten directly. I would like to hear from folks who know for sure their birds are from Wade Jeane and for sure have thrown wheatens from a BCM hatch. If folks haven't experienced this directly, it seems like a rumor, and not a very nice one. Not trying to pick an argument, but this is part of why there is a divide in the Marans community. I think it is unfair to repeat hearsay without direct knowledge. JMHO. [​IMG]\\

    Sorry to hijack your thread Quailhollow. I just think it is important to keep sweeping statements clarified and put into perspective. They are opinions only, unless the one making the statement has experienced something, anything first hand. I am going to post this topic over on the Marans thread.
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