Blind Roo? Due to head injury??


10 Years
Aug 28, 2009

This morning I went out to the coop at about 7:30 or so and when I opened the door all but a young rooster and a hen were still on the roost. The hen was in the nest boxes and the rooster was on the floor. I noticed that he was shaking his head... Then when he heard me walking towards him he "looked" at me, but his head was still shaking, kind of in a weaving motion, like he was dizzy. When I got closer, he started to walk away, but tripped over himself and fell, scrambled back up, only to fall again. I caught him and waved my hand by his head, he showed no signs of acknowledgement (not moving his head away, etc), and didn't blink for several minutes. I tried this with another rooster, and when I waved my hand, he blinked and moved away, FAST!! He even got out of my arms because he moved so rapidly. I let the blind rooster go, but put a screen across the bottom of the door, so that he couldn't get through, but the others could fly over.

Later this afternoon he was outside (the screen had been knocked over), and when he saw me, he ran out of the horse run-in around the corner, and straight down the shoveled path and into the coop. But as soon as he got in the coop, he couldn't see me anymore, and was easily caught.

Do you think that it is possible that he fell off the roost this morning (fighting with another roo, or something) and got a concussion, now it is wearing off? What else could it be? He didn't have any visible wounds (from fighting, or hitting the boxes).

Any other ideas?? Anything would be greatly appreciated! Comments, or questions needing more info!
It does sound like some kind of trauma. I would watch him for a few days. If it gets worse, then expect the worst. It sounds like he will most likely make a full recovery.

I went back out again to do the evening chores, and he does seem a little better... I am hoping for the best! He even ducked away from my hand once, so I think it is coming back to him.

More comments or thoughts are welcome...

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