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12 Years
Aug 15, 2007
I've noticed when I boil my chicken egss the white comes off with the, alot of it. I can't get them to peel "right" any tips?
They are probably too fresh, fresh eggs do not peel ....I always leave acouple cartons back in the fridge for 3 weeks before I can use them for boiled eggs and have them peel right....

Store bought eggs are not always as fresh and thats why they peel better...

Lots of people have tried salt, vinegar and even oil added to the water but that doesn't work for me...
Fresh eggs do not peel well when boiled. If you will use the search feature you will find several very long discussions on boiling eggs and peeling them.
They are too fresh! In the past, we have had to use ones that are a little older (2-3 weeks) for hard boiling.

I don't know a secret to hard boiling "fresh" ones, but maybe someone else does.
Thanks terrielacy, What a great idea! I was just thinking today that I want to make egg salad.
I'm going to try your method

Take care, Mary Ann
I have no problem boiling eggs laid the same day.....

I fill a pot with cold water 1 inch above eggs, bring water and eggs to a boil, remove from heat and cover for 18 minutes. Rinse in cold water immediately..... if shells stick a little I peal them under cold water.

This works for me 95% of the time, on occasion There are a few that are stubborn.
Salt is the key, and lots of it. Add about 1/4 cup or so of salt to the water when you boil the eggs. after they boil, let sit in the hot water (I usually forget them at this stage and find them later on) for ~15 minutes and set in cold water for awhile (I also forget them at this stage, maybe I should lay off the wine before dinner...). After that they peel really easily!

I've tried aging eggs because my fresh ones do not peel at all; I lose half the white to the peel. This works but is one more thing to keep track of...

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