Brand new chick has something hanging from bottom. What is it?

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    Jun 3, 2016
    I am on day 23 of incubation and I just had my first chick hatch overnight. (Note: this is my first time every incubating eggs). He seems to be very active and everything, but he has this large white and red mass that is hanging by what looks like a vein, coming out of his rear end. I have been searching the entire site and have not found an answer to this. Some information about the chick: I used a Lyon TX6 incubator with an automatic turner. I originally put in 12 eggs. Three ended up being yolkers and one died early on. I candled the rest right before the "lock-down" and they all seemed to be developed. Like I said, they are on day 23 in the incubator. This one pipped at day 21, and took over 36 hours to hatch. I am going to add a picture so you can see exactly what I am talking about. I am really worried, so hopefully somebody here can help! Thank you!


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    It could be the umbilical cord. Kind of hard to tell from the picture. Is it drying? You might want to clip it with some scissors.

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