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    Mar 12, 2012
    Louise is my production reds name. Louise came to me as part of my starter flock, however her sister Thelma and her became good friends of mine. Sadly Thelma passed away this winter one night ): Very hard on the entire flock, she was the daredevil. Two weeks after the passing my little Louise went missing ): My flock is free ranged but because of predators at night they're caged and let back out int he morning. Louise wasn't in the cage at sundown. I ran around everywhere possible screaming for her, no sight ): That night the coyotes were louder than anything I could imagine..Every half hour I went out that night till 6 in the morning waiting for her, calling for her, and searching. I woke up around eight the next morning, and then went out to chores..there by the cage stood Louise, I was never so proud of that little chicken :) [​IMG]

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    Wow! Incredible! I guess she's Lucky Louise!
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    That sounded like a stressful night. I'm glad she was out there waiting for you.

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