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    Jun 26, 2011
    Baby realy isn't the right word because he isn't a baby anymore. I have a Cochin that is about 4 months old now and I need to find a way to introduce him to my flock. The only problem is that they are really mean to him when he goes into the coop, I can let them forage together and they are fine but if he so much as steps in the coop my rooster and sex-link hen go in for the kill. Another bad part is that his brother and sister was actualy killed by them and he almost was too. So now because of that he doesn't fight back. He has found a shallow whole in the corner where he runs and hides his head until I rescue him. To make matters worse, when it starts getting dark they all go into the coop except for him. Instead, he flies over the fence and sits at my gate. This wouldn't be a problem if I my grandmothers annoying little terriors would stay in the yard. Yesterday one of the dogs got out and had him by the neck. (he is ok now) does anyone have an idea for how to stop this? We are expanding soon but I want him to be socialized with them a little because I don't think is a matter of room. I have seen some people that put clips on the birds beak to stop pecking but I didn't know if that sort of think works. Can someone please help me out?
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    You do have a problem. It is all about pecking order and your little guy well he isn't even on the ladder! Do you have one hen that is not as tough as the others??? Could you lift that one out and put it with him???? Then once they are good together pick another that isn;t just as rough and place that one in with the other two??? This will take a few days to introduce them and get them settled together. When the aim is - is to make another mini flock. It is easier to introduce a grouop of birds than just one on its own. Far a start there is more than one target! The other thing to do is look for the bully the one who always starts on him first. Then lift that one and take it out of the flock for a few days. Then IT WILL LOSE ITS PLACE IN THE PECKING ORDER. What your needing to do is get your little guy to be in the middle of the pecking order not the bottom. So YOU have to re-gig the whole flock.

    Best I can sugest and sad you lost the others. It hink you could be at great risk of lossing this chap to if you don;t handle this carefully. You mention another Rooster. Two Roo boys together often causes issues because they fight over the hens. Too many Roos can damage hens. You have to be careful of that too. We usually think about 6-10 hens per Roo boy? Though some Roos can live together without issues most of them fight.

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    Jun 26, 2011
    I have one hen that is nice to him but she is bottom hen even though I only have the two. She was bottom hen when we got her and she always has been
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    2 roosters to 2 hens isn't the right ratio.. I was always told 8-10 hens to 1 rooster.
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    Quote:x2 - for sure!!

    You need more hens! [​IMG] That's the good news though!
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    Quote:Yeah roosters don't do good unless ther is an ABUNDANCE of hens. I would also suggest the mini flock. Even if you're nice hen is bottom hen they can still be pals. [​IMG]
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    Jun 26, 2011
    We are about to expand the flock size to incase I forgot that part. They are in the brooder now, I know they will be young but that the best I can do, I was told not to bring in outside birds to an established flock so I got Rocky (the Cochin) when he was only 2 weeks old

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