Broiler chicks and Isa brown chicks


10 Years
Mar 10, 2009
Argos, IN
ok problem and need a solution. I want to get about 6-8 broiler chicks for meat but also want to get 5 isa brown chicks. I only have one space.....ideas? I have 10 -year old chickens... will broilers get big enough to kill or be put in with the older chickens in time to get isa brown chicks before the places quit carrying them? I can keep them separate in the house for a few weeks..but I hear broilers really grow fast. I thought maybe I would buy them at the same time and keep them in the house in separate places for a few weeks. Then put the broilers in my coop in the baby chick area and then hopefully after a month they would be ok to put with the other chickens and then the isa's could go in the baby chick area in the coop? How big will broilers be after a month??

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