Broken Beak Please Help!!!


Mar 21, 2017
South Jersey
Please help my poor BPR. She broke her beak yesterday I have no idea how it happened. I found no blood anywhere in the coop or run. I let my flock of 6 out for maybe a half hour while cleaning the coop to free range they didn't go more than 10 yards from the coop the entire time. She was one of my favorite birds and I feel terrible for her I know a chickens beak is vital to how it survives and I'm not sure what to do for her, how to handle this, or if she is really even going to be able to eat or drink. I put soft canned pumpkin in the coop today for her as well as a different type of waterier. Please take a good look at the picture (pretty much entire beak gone, NO BLOOD) let me know anything I should do first aid wise, and any other information I might find helpful. Is this common? Should I take her to a vet? Will the beak regenerate at all? Will she be able to survive? How badly will this affect her quality of life? How does this happen my BO looks to have a small crack in her beak also and I'm scared this is going to happen again? Could she have pecked the glass window in the background of the picture hard enough to break it? Thank you everyone I appreciate the help,
just feel bad for my bird want to take care of her and don't want this to happen to my others, this is my first flock.


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Poor thing....I've never seen this before but I did come across this thread that you may want to read.


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It will take some time for it to grow out. As long as the quick wasn't damaged too much it should grow. While you are waiting you should monitor her weight to make sure she's taking in enough food. If you raise feeders up to shoulder height it makes it easier for them to scoop the feed with the lower beak, it may take some time for her to figure it out. Same with water. Also you may need to feed a mash (feed mixed with water so it's clumpy) for a while to help her eat, it's easier to pick up with a damaged beak. If she doesn't maintain weight you may have to hand feed. She's not going to be able to peck small things from the ground until she has more beak grown in. For future reference here is an article on beak repairs:

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