Broken leg or out of socket?

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    About two weeks ago, I had a two and a half month old pullet that was stepped/stood on for a moment by a goat that jumped down to the ground. She was in definate pain and could not stand on that leg or walk. She used one leg and her other side to crawl around. I took her to someone who said to place her in a small pen so her leg could heal. It's not healing. I do let her in a room in my house sometimes to walk around but she basically hops on that one good leg. She holds the other behind her and stretches it out quite often and sometimes lays with it stretched out behind. I held her up and looked at legs and the hurt one does seem to curve outward somewhat. I do not know how to tell if it is out of socket and even if it is, can it be fixed two weeks later? No vet will see a chicken around here and I don't know who could help me in this small town that isn't really a country town but a fishing village. I don't want her to spend her life like this and cannot have her killed. She is already spoiled...
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    If it was a break,it is probably to late to do anything bones have already fused together,leg should have been splinted at time of injury,but splint it anyway,just in case it helps her. Feel her leg,if it was a break you should be able to feel the mismatched joining of bones where they have joined incorrectly,feels like a lump/bump,or if the leg is sticking out at an odd angle or if you can feel crunchy pieces(this would be a result of broken pieces of bone fragments). Is there any discoloration of skin or is the leg cold to the touch? If it is dislocated,splint leg to immobilize it,leave splinted for approx 2 weeks it is possible joint may go back in place,you might have to do some light exercises on her leg. If you feel she is in pain,you can give her a baby aspirin(81mg)dose is 25mg per lb of body weight,crush and put in water or sprinkle over feed,this also helps with swelling,may make her sleepy. Give her epsom salt soaks this is great for sprains/sore muscles. Keep her confined during healing time.

    I would not cull her,you will just have to modify her living environment to accommodate her disability or keep her as a house pet,she will have to be supervised if she will be free ranged as she will not be able to escape any predators. She may need a brace permanently on her leg.
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