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Mar 12, 2017
Asheville, NC

Preparing for chicks last year as newbies this was our first attempt at a Brooder box. Not dog proof, We learned the hard way. After moving it to the safety of a guest bathroom tub with baby gate in doorway, we raised 6 chicks successfully last year. Box worked great.

This year I had plans in my head for big improvements on the original, I tried to explain to my husband in specific detail what I was dreaming up. He took the ideas and sketched them out- together we tweaked it and he disappeared into the garage, I am so excited about what he managed to create. It’s the brooder box of my dreams. Heading to southern states tomorrow for 3 new babies.

Rosie, our old lady- shepherd mix, the original chick killer herself, supervising the build.



Box secured to frame with screws and nuts.


The height was designed so (hopefully) our big dog can’t jump on it and secondly so our 2year Old niece can see the chicks eye level.


We put three sets of holes in frame to make lamp positioning adjustable to right, middle, or left of box.


Also put lots of extra holes on light post to move heat lamp height up as chicks grow and need less heat.


I can’t wait to get our chicks tomorrow!!!

I also think our little helper the chicken whisperer will love it!


That looks fantastic! Your chicks will be so lucky. Post pictures when you get them, please! I can't wait to hear how they like it. Also, your niece is adorable; a future chicken keeper herself...? ;) The surly look of the chicken she's petting in the one picture make the whole situation that much more endearing.
Have fun with your chicks!
Ditto Dat^^^

Too small for a regular heat lamp bulb.
Get a red reptile light(75-100W) at the pet store.

its 250w, Thanks for the advice! We didn't know the bulb would be too much, I was sure to get a poultry light but had no idea watts differ between bulbs.

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