Brooder expansion pics and "what kind is that chick" questions?

Princess Lay-a

9 Years
May 17, 2010
Great Falls
Here is what we did since we got far more chicks than what we first expected!
Our play yards were opened all the way and we added more chicken wire for the roof. They are still in the garage for the next 3 to 4 weeks since MT gets chiller Spring times than most of the country.


There is tons more room to run and chase.
The feeders and water towards the back. We used an old VHS rack (who uses VHS nowadays?!) for a mini roost. The bigger birds love to get up there!


Even though the thermostat says 90+ they seem to love being piled up with each other.
You can see Desdemona (Polish) in the lower right corner, Quasimodo (Turken) in the center near the thermostat. I see chipmunk stripes, what kind again? Any others you can point out? I think the straight yellows are Leghorns?


What kind is this? Boy or girl? These (I have about 6 I think and they are nearly all identical!) are very bossy!


Yoga chick doing the Dead Man's Pose! Scared me the first time I saw about a dozen doing this all at once!

It is really hard to tell from the group photo what breeds you have. I would suggest asking the person/business you got them from what breeds they might might be. This would help us help you identify them. I have no idea what breed the black and white one with yellow head is. It is very interesting looking. I like it. I would be curious to know what it is too. I saw one like this at a feed store that I almost bought but the person working there said it was a bantam EE. I really liked it but I did not want a bantam. It did not look like a bantam to me but I was not going to disagree with the clerk.

Photos of individual birds makes it easier to identify them. Photos showing a side view and a little of the back are best.
I was told Orpingtons, Barred Rock, Jersey Giant, Leghorns and Auracanas, but some EEs for sure.
The yellow with grey striped wings and "eye liner" are the pushy ones.
Not sure which those may be.
A RIR is in there, but not sure what % she is.

There are some very black ones in there and some of those have mottled colored beaks too!
I will try to get better up close pics of individuals and some of the ones we have already named too!

Got to set up a chick photo studio!

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