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Barb Gaweda

Aug 15, 2019
I have found two hens are brooding many eggs. I have not touched the eggs as I do not know if they are fertilized or not. (I have a rooster) I have been checking for any signs of hatchings but nothing yet, it has been approximately 30 days. What should \I be doing with these eggs as this point?


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Apr 4, 2011
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You should candle them at this point to see if they are viable. If you are right about the 30 days... you're well past hatching time at this point. If you don't know how to candle just search there are a ton of great resources on here.


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I would candle the eggs using a flash light this evening and see if you have development...


If other hens have made deposits to the nest there may be some staggered hatching.

I candle from the top, fat side up. Or hold it like that and move my light around. Keeping it really dark helps. Since you described them as many... maybe take an egg carton with you and put pointy side down the ones you are finished candling... discard any you can tell are quitters. Try to group like development together under the same hen if you can to help reduce the staggering issue if possible.

Adding your general location to your profile can help peeps make the most relevant suggestion possible at a glance.. since many things are weather or location related. ;)

Actually, normally chicken eggs hatch on day 21. There is occasional discrepancy but under ideal conditions that's about right.

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